Legacy Moving Services is a Green Moving Company

At Legacy Moving Services, we believe that we have a responsibility not only to our wonderful customers, but also for the beautiful Tampa Bay Area and surrounding areas. We support responsible initiatives to reduce waste and resuse materials whenever possible. This also includes recycling or boxes, plastic, tape and styro-form.

Legacy Moving Services Company Initiatives:

** Reuse as many moving boxes and packing supplies whenever possible.

** Use wardrobe boxes over and over again at no charge to our customers.

** Encourage customers to use platic bins and heavy duty storage boxes.

** We offer free pick-up of boxes from our customers and try to resuse those boxes.

** Peanuts, packing materials, foam and corrageted boxes go to recycling at the end of our moves.

** No idling of company vehicles when a move is in progress.

** Moving trucks are inspected quartely anch checked for any possible leaks.